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How many people does it take to make a medal? Amazing Team GB

Rio Olympic Games

Great Britain population – Approximately 65 million people

China population – Approximately 1350 million people

Based on the above here’s the number of people per Gold Medal based on the Day 11 tally

Great Britain – 3.4 Million people per gold medal

China – 79.4 Million people per gold medal

Based on the above here’s the number of people for any kind of medal based on Day 11 tally.

Great Britain – 1.3 Million people per medal –

China – 26.5  Million people per gold medal

As a percentage of the population and it’s results, Team GB is NUMBER ONE in the world against China, USA or anybody  by a LONG way.

Team GB is amazing and put the Great back into Great Britain.  We are so proud!

Keep it up and let’s go for that second place!!!!

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