Investment Property Search

If you are looking to invest in property you can greatly benefit by engaging us to find and recommend the right property for you in the Norwich and Norfolk area.

It’s also possible that by this point you may have already engaged with our trusted affiliates program and are well prepared to take the next step and begin an investment property search.

Our Investment Property search will take into consideration your:

  • Financial Scope – How much you want to invest and over what time period
  • Return objectives – Whether you’re investment is weighted equally for both income & capital growth.
  • Other personal objectives – Such as future accommodation for children at University for example.

The investment property search we undertake for you should:

  • Deliver maximum rental return for a given investment per property.
  • Find investment property that will permit rental return increases at market minimum or greater.
  • Utilize a location and property combination that is likely to provide income stability and deliver the lowest void period over time.
  • Utilize a location and property combination that will retain stable capital growth prospects.
  • Provide ease of asset conversion or disposal should your circumstances change.
  • Make a perfect match for your client profile and investment objectives.

What is the duration of the service?

The typical active search period is 8 weeks, at which point if no suitable properties are found we touch base again with you to re-visit your criteria.

What are the costs of this service?

If your property investment is going to be managed by Kings & Co then this search is provided free of charge.

If the property is not going to be managed by Kings & Co then a one-time up-front search fee is charged on engagement.

Why should you engage Kings & Co Lettings for this search?

  • Thirty years expert rental market experience in the Norwich area.
  • Whole of market unbiased search, we carry no property stocks ourselves.
  • We are not an estate agent, we are 100% property management based.
  • If you are going to have your property managed then the service is value-added without additional cost.

We are happy to provide recommendations for financial advisors and solicitors etc should you require those.