Electrical inspection report

Electrical inspection reports

Electrical inspection certificates for rented properties

If you are renting out a property in England, any tenancy created or renewed on or after July 1st 2020 will require electrical inspection reports on the condition of the property (EICR) performed by a qualified person. Renewals in this case include statutory periodic tenancies that are created at the end of a fixed term on or after this date.  For pre-existing periodic tenancies, you will need to have an EICR performed on all existing tenancies before April 1st 2021.

Unlike gas safety certificates the electrical inspection reports will require renewing every 5 years.

Please note that this is currently subject to approval by both Houses of Parliament but is likely to go through.  We will of course not take any action until full details have been received but we wanted to make you aware of the situation and that we have the necessary steps in place to ensure that as Landlords you are fully compliant.

Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01603 666689