Social Media gains traction in the Kings & Co Norwich Lettings Market.

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as the SMS text message service has evolved into such a complex constant contact medium for all kinds of things.  From the clunky mobile phone the size of a brick, we can now pick up and also send virtually anything electronic with the latest smartphones.  It’s this portability that really takes Social connections on the internet to a new level. On-demand is normal now, whereas before it was considered a luxury that came with a price tag.

In terms of the property letting market, Kings & Co like the rest of the world has followed the trend toward more online social connectivity.  In the past to search for a property you would wait to get home and look on the internet or perhaps wait for the weekly property section in the newspaper.  Today you can literally browse available property at any given time on your mobile.  Kings & Co offers  property to let in the Norwich area via Facebook, Twitter and more to the local consumer, who can then check out suitable properties at any time with minimal effort.

The trend toward social media is about you, and choosing the data inputs, “streams” or “follows” that are right for the individual.  This means that what is offered to the consumer must be both worthwhile and professional.  For several months Kings & Co has been updating a “property wall” via social media, giving a description of the property to let and a single photo.  As of last week Kings & Co introduced an improvement by including a video slide show tour of each property.  This enables the consumer to get a better idea of what the property is like without having to make multiple clicks around the internet.  It’s also important for landlords to see that property management in Norwich is also moving with the times and that every aspect in getting best efficiency and return on their investments is being utilised.

Overall as the social media continues to grow globally, Kings & Co as an evolving letting agent in Norwich, is committed to focusing and developing these new mediums to improve customer experience locally.

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