Kings & Co Lettings Norwich have launched our new website platform!

Kings & Co Lettings Norwich are delighted to release our new website to the public.  We have now been live with the new site for nearly two whole weeks!  The change of website was largely in response to catering for our tenants and landlords who increasingly use their smart phones to manage their Norwich lettings requirements.   As a result, the new improved website is fully mobile + tablet friendly and more responsive in every way to recognized platforms such as android, apple etc.

Using your new lettings Norwich platform

Kings & Co Lettings Norwich Website

Come and visit our new website!

Another  improvement is that our new website integrates more closely with our property blog.  Our lettings blog is where we keep our clients and followers up-to-date on the latest news at Kings & Co Lettings.  Using the same blog, we also  promote the new properties we have available to let in Norwich.  Our customers can use the social media and feed platforms to quickly follow, feed plus share information at their leisure.

One last but significant improvement to mention is the new platform itself.  The new site is capable of evolving with technology.  This means we can continually match property management and letting behavioral trends.

Thank you for reading about our new website and please do take a look right here!

For those interested in all things lettings Norwich you may also register for our blog.  Via the blog feed you will receive regular updates and new property information.  We also share our blog updates to all major social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin and more.

As always we at Kings & Co value your feedback.  So if there is anything you particularly like or dislike then please do let us know.  We hope you have a good experience.
Thank you

The Kings & Co team