Managing Property with a leaking roof

When will it stop?

Kings & Co have been very busy today sorting out lots of properties with a leaking roof due to the very heavy downpour and high winds in the early hours of last night.

Leaking roofs can cause stress and concern to both tenant and landlord alike.  Some key things to remember…

Leaking roof and you are living in the property


  • Working on roofs in stormy weather is dangerous and it could take 24hrs or more before a roofer can get up onto the roof.  We will do our best to get you assistance as soon as reasonably possible.
  • If the leaking  roof is tiled and there are tiles lost in high winds, there should still be roofing felt under the tiles and this should prevent water coming into the house in bulk in the short term.
  • If water starts to penetrate through the roof, use a bucket or container to catch any water getting into your rooms and lay a plastic sheet over any possessions that are close to the leak.
  • Consider propping up a board inside the container so the drips hit the board and not the accumulated water. This prevents the repetitive and annoying dripping sound.  Another method you can try is to try pinning a piece of string to the ceiling and letting the water travel down the string into the bucket.
  • Call us on 01603 666689 to report the situation or alert us using our maintenance request function asap.

Unfortunately many older properties are susceptible to leakage when heavy rain blows at the right angle/direction in combination with high winds.  This can often be the reason why some roofs don’t leak in all situations and can be confusing.

Leaking roof and you are our landlord client

It’s business as usual, we will manage the situation and advise you on the situation and any repair works where needed.  You can rest assured we are acting to mitigate any damage as best as possible and to look after your tenant as best we can.  Feel free to call us on 01603 666689 if you have any concern, otherwise if you don’t hear from us then no news is good news.

Hope that’s the last of the rain for at least another 24 hours!