Norwich – Our beloved and historic city of ale!

Norwich is famous for being described as a historic city of ale which at one time had 365 pubs, one for every day of the year and also had 52 churches, one for every month of the year!  That sounds like quite a few beers were drunk before confession each month! :)

Norwich City of Ale

Ale capital of Norfolk!

This years Norwich City of ale festival will go on for ten days starting today.


There are a combination of 46 pubs, 36 breweries in the area participating in this event with over 250 different beers on offer.

Whilst today there probably are less than 365 pubs in Norwich, we are a city famous for our love of beer.  We host one of the largest beer festivals in the country every October at St. Andrews hall.

The city has also undergone a revolution from the days of imported beers where today it is now the exception to find a pub without any local real ale on draft.

We wish our tenants, local landlords and all contacts for things letting in Norwich, a great bank holiday weekend and if you so desire…enjoy the local ale too!