Five Slovakia facts

  1.  Was the “other half” of Czechoslovakia, which split into two countries in 1993
  2. Described by U Cities as having one of the three countries with the most attractive ladies in the world.  For example, Slovakia is home to Adriana Karembeu, a former Guinness record holder for having the longest legs among female models (at almost 1.24 m)slovakia facts
  3.  Slovak women marry the youngest (average 24 years old) within the European Union, along with Lithuanian and Polish women.
  4. The oldest mint company in the world was founded in this country during 1328. It is called The State Mint in Kremnica, and it is still operating to this day.  What a Slovakia fact!
  5. The most famous American of Slovak descent is probably pop artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987), whose parents immigrated from Miková in north-eastern Slovakia.
  6. Europe’s older marathon is held every year in Kosice.

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