"Well here’s hoping for another good tenant. Appreciate your help I know it is your job but you are going that extra mile and we appreciate it."
S Harrand, York

"Polite, courteous staff. Have been helpful efficient and diligent in dealing with me especially Linda and Sally am very grateful to you all. Thank you."
R Karenia, London

"Emails are answered promptly and we are always kept informed of any tenancy concerns and have assistance in dealing with them and would have no hesitation in recommending Kings & Co."
C Speller, Spain

Landlord Survey October 2011

60% of Landlords Rate our service Excellent, 40% Good
60% of our Landlords rate our responsiveness in dealing with them Excellent, 40% Good
35% of our Landlords rate us Excellent in keeping them informed of repairs and maintenance, 47% Good, 18% Average
46.9 % of our Landlords rate us Excellent in the contact we offer regarding tenancy issues and tenant queries, 53.10% Good
82.10 of our Landlords rate our approach to Property Management Excellent, 17.90% good

All of our Landlords would recommend Kings & Co to other Landlords if given the opportunity.

We would like to thank all of our Landlords for taking the time to complete our questionnaire and appreciate all the kind words and comments. We hope to improve on this and aim for 100% excellence.
Sally White Director


"I would just like to say that I have had a fabulous very happy year at the lovely flat and my dealing with Kings have been nothing short of a complete pleasure, dealt with a couple of Letting Agent’s before and the service and courteous dealings I have had with Kings and Co have truly been second to none, if the new place does not work out, I will be coming straight back to Kings and Co to sort a new one out, I would now not deal with any other letting Agent."
S Kirk, Norwich, April 2011-10-21


                            Best Property Management Nominee